15 Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers Learning How to Use the Potty

Finding the best potty training books for toddlers can mean the difference between struggling and enjoying the process when it’s time to potty train.

Because let’s face it, sometimes us moms and dads need a little help potty training our toddlers!

If you’re struggling to get your toddler toilet trained or just need a new way to help get your little one excited about the potty training process, why not turn to a book?

With so many amazing potty training books for toddlers out there, there’s sure to be one or two that are perfect for your toddler.

These 15 best potty training books are great for teaching toddlers how to use the potty in a fun and engaging way.

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1. Potty Time!

When it comes to potty training, Daniel Tiger is an expert.

In addition to being a popular character all on his own, his show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS, has several episodes focusing on potty training.

That makes a book about potty training with Daniel Tiger as the main character a great choice for your toddler.

On top of having a familiar face on the pages, Potty Time! also features interactive buttons and sound effects to make learning about the potty a little more fun.

2. P is for Potty!

Next to Daniel Tiger, there is no better character to help your little one potty train than Elmo from Sesame Street. That’s why P is for Potty is another great potty training book for toddlers.

Your little one will love seeing their favorite Sesame Street character learning how to use the toilet.

And the cute story that goes along with the likable characters makes this book a must for potty training.

3. I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way!

Sometimes, a book’s reviews speaks volumes for its effectiveness – especially when it comes to potty training.

According to parents who left a review for this potty training book, I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way is the perfect book for any toddler having a hard time coming to terms with going poop in the potty.

Like many toddlers, the focus character of this book is afraid to poop in the potty – attempting to hold his poop in until he can’t hold it any longer. That relatable character makes this book such a success when it comes to helping your toddler go poop on the potty.

4. Potty Time with Elmo

There’s no reason you can’t have more than one Elmo book in your potty training arsenal!

Potty Time with Elmo includes interactive buttons that help bring the potty training story on the book’s pages to life.

And that extra stimulation means your toddler is more likely to relate to the journey and get excited about their own potty training.

5. Potty

If your little one is a fan of other Leslie Patricelli board books, you need to add Potty to your home library.

Using humor and relatable illustrations, Potty shows your toddler how their favorite baby learns how to use the toilet. And it may just inspire your toddler to do the same.

Toddler sitting on potty chair reading a potty training book

6. My Thomas Potty Book

Is your toddler a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine? Help motivate them to use the potty with the My Thomas Potty Book.

Throughout the book, your toddler’s favorite tank engine offers words of encouragement, helping them learn about potty training at the same time.

And the book comes with Thomas the Tank Engine reward stickers, which is just an added bonus your toddler is sure to be exited about!

7. Potty Superhero

Every toddler wants to be a superhero!

Help your little one become a Potty Superhero with this cute book!

Geared toward boys, this potty training book for toddlers will engage your little one’s desire to grow up to become a hero, all while teaching and encouraging them to use the toilet.

8. Big Girl Panties

Looking for a book focused on potty training toddler girls? You’ll love Big Girl Panties!

Using a light and positive approach to teaching about potty training, this cute book shows readers just how much fun it can be to wear big girl panties.

From showing off her sparkly underwear to bragging how great it is to be a big girl, your toddler is sure to relate to the protagonist in this potty training book for toddlers.

9. The Potty Train

With this fun book, your toddler can hop aboard the Potty Train and go on a journey to Underpants Station. But before they can take the journey, they must say goodbye to their diapers.

This cute book features fun illustrations and a cute story that any train-loving toddler will enjoy.

10. Princess Potty Time

Do you have a toddler who wants to be a princess? Show them that even princesses use the potty with this adorable potty training book for toddlers.

The cute story in Princess Potty Time is accented by interactive flaps, tabs, and wheels to make reading this book and learning about potty training a little bit more fun.

11. Potty Patrol

Using recognizable characters when teaching your toddler about potty training is a great way to get them interested. So, if your toddler is a Paw Patrol fan, this book is a must!

Potty Patrol uses characters from the Nickelodeon show to teach your toddler how to use the potty.

Along with tons of encouraging words from your toddler’s favorite characters, this cute book also turns potty training into a fun adventure your toddler will be excited to go on.

12. Everybody Potties

The cute rhyming text and fun illustrations in this potty training book are sure to strike a chord with any potty training toddler.

Everybody Potties is a simple board book that offers a reassuring and encouraging story – everybody goes potty.

And the short, engaging text is easy enough for your little one to remember, which may make it turn into a potty time mantra that encourages your little one to keep training.

13. I’m the Potty Master

A cute toddler-friendly book that also helps parents along on the potty training journey? What could be better than that?

I’m the Potty Master features Louie the elephant, who is excited about getting rid of his diapers and wearing big kid undies.

But what’s great about this book is the story also helps us parents work through the steps of potty training, helping you and your child overcome the stress of potty training through a cute and relatable story.

14. Dino Potty

The easy step-by-step instructions in Dino Potty help explain the process of potty training to toddlers without making overly complicated or boring. Using a cute cartoon dinosaur and simple rhyming text, this potty training book for toddlers is a great resource for beginning potty trainers.

The book takes your toddler through each step of using the potty, from sitting on the toilet to washing their hands when they’re finished.

15. Everyone Poops

If your child seems to feel a little embarrassed or nervous about pooping on the potty, they’re not alone!  Many toddlers have problems dealing with pooping on the potty.

Using a book like Everyone Poops is a great way to show them that pooping is a common, everyday thing.

This cute potty training book uses adorable pictures to help your toddler understand that pooping is something that every animal in nature does on a regular basis.

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