The Naked Potty Training Method Your Toddler Needs to Try

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried all the potty training methods and you still aren’t seeing success. Or you’re ready to get started potty training for the first time and you want a method that will get the job done quickly?

If you can relate, then the naked potty training method might be for you.

What is Naked Potty Training?

Naked potty training, also known as “no-pants potty training,” is a method of toilet training a toddler while they wear no pants or underwear and are completely naked below the waist. This method can be done over a span of several days and usually involves staying in the house until the process is complete.

Why Should You Naked Potty Train Your Toddler?

As mentioned before, many parents have tried so many different methods of potty training and have found that none have been successful.

And I get it.

You listen to all the “experts” and you try to do what others have done only to get massive resistance from you toddler.

This method may be what you need.

It’s aggressive, but if you need to take this approach, then try it out.

Here are a few reasons some moms consider naked potty training:

  • Acceptance into daycare or preschool – Some childcare centers won’t accept kids over a certain age if they aren’t potty trained. So taking this aggressive approach can help parents get their toddler into underpants quickly so they can go.
  • Impending road trip – Families who’ll be taking a trip may want to ditch the diapers before the big trip. The only way to do this is to potty train their toddler before traveling. And if the trip is coming up soon, naked potty training might be the only way.
  • Everything else has failed – There are lots of ways to potty train, but if you’re a mom who has tried it all and nothing has worked, this may be a last resort. Buckling down, staying in the house and getting your toddler to the potty no matter what might just be what finally gets you over that hump.

When to do No-Pants Potty Training

This method is not for the faint of heart but it’s totally doable.

If you’re in a situation where you have to get your toddler potty trained right away, set aside a few days and jump right in.

It’s best to start naked potty training in the morning as soon as your toddler wakes up so you have a complete day to train them.

You don’t want to let your toddler go half the day in a diaper and then try to do naked potty training. It can confuse them and make it harder.

When You Should Not Do Naked Potty Training

Even though you can start this method at any time, there are some times when you should not attempt no-pants potty training with your toddler.

If there are any major life changes that you’re expecting, hold off on potty training until your family gets over the hump.

Here are a few times you should not attempt naked potty training:

  • If you need to leave home – Part of what makes naked potty training work so well is being able to dedicate several days in a row to not leaving the house and focusing solely on potty training. If you need to go out, wait until you’ll have a few uninterrupted days in the house before you start.
  • If you’re concerned about having messy floors – I get. Sometimes floors and furniture cost a lot of money and you don’t want them messed up. If you’re worried about your couch and floors getting peed on, then this method probably isn’t for you.
  • After a big move – It takes a while to get adjusted to a new house, even for adults. So for a little person who is still unsure of their surroundings after a big move to a new house, new school or new city, give them time to adjust and become comfortable before starting naked potty training.
  • After a serious loss – After traumatic events people need time to regroup, toddlers included. After the loss of a loved one or even a beloved pet, don’t jump right into naked potty training. It’ll be that much harder dealing with grief and potty training at the same time.
naked toddler sitting on the potty

Where to do Naked Potty Training

So you’ve made up your mind that this is the potty training method you want to try.


Now let’s talk about where it should take place.

You’ll want to pick a place in your home that is easy to clean because things will probably get a bit messy for a few days.

As mentioned before, if you’re really concerned about expensive furniture or floors, don’t try this. If those things don’t bother you, you’re all set.

The first place I’d recommend doing no-pants potty training is in your home in a room with no carpet if you can.

This will make cleanups easy. Simply wipe away any pee or poop, disinfect the small area and you’re good to go.

You can even do this in a room with removable rugs, or carpet. These are easy to pull up and toss in the washing machine when you’re ready, making cleanup a synch.

If you don’t have hard floors in your home or removable rugs or carpet, another option is to stay in a confined space most of the day with your toddler.

This is for the mommas who have carpet all over the house and don’t want to have to go around spot cleaning all day.

Pick a room that’s close to the bathroom if you can and use that as potty training headquarters.

Try to keep toys, snacks, TV, and anything else you think you and your toddler will need in that room.

Of course there’s no need to stay locked up in there all day for three days straight. But try to keep most activities in this room to keep the mess confined. That way there’s only a small area that you have to clean and not all over the house.

Image of naked potty training toddler on potty chair

Supplies for Naked Potty Training

There’s not much you need to get started.

The goal is to make this as easy as possible on you and your toddler so that it works.

That said, here are a few supplies you’ll want to have on hand:

  • Towels or paper towels for cleanup
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Cheap rugs or towels to cover any furniture you don’t want getting messed up
  • A potty chair
  • Snacks and drinks for your toddler

That’s it. Once you have these few supplies, you’re ready to get started.


How to do Naked Potty Training the Right Way

Remember, this isn’t necessarily going to be a walk in the park, but you can do it.

Follow these steps and adjust as needed, because I definitely believe that there is no one size fits all for potty training!

Let’s get into how to do this method right.

Step 1 – Plan Your Days

Plan the days you want to devote to naked potty training in advance. This is not a method you should jump into without a little planning beforehand.

Since you need to be home for several days, plan to have groceries stocked.

If you work, choose the weekends where you’ll have more free time and if necessary, take a few days off of work.

Step 2 – Don’t Leave the House

Along with planning your days, make sure you don’t have to leave for anything.

If you have older kids who will need to be driven around, arrange for someone else to pick them up during these times.

As best you can, have everything planned in advance so you can dedicate time and attention to the naked potty training method.

Step 3 – Talk to Your Toddler

In the days leading up to potty training, start talking to your toddler about what’s coming.

Think of it like Christmas. In the weeks leading up to the big holiday, there is lots of excitement in the air and lots of talk about what to expect.

Treat potty training the same way.

Talk to your toddler about how soon they’ll be finished with diapers and ready for big kid underwear. Read books about potty training and even let them watch you potty so they know what to expect.

Step 4 – Minimize Guests

During the time of naked potty training, be sensitive to the fact that your toddler will be running around with no pants or underwear on all day.

Let family and friends know that you’re not having company for a few days so you can focus on this important task.

Limiting guests also allows you to minimize distractions for your toddler. Having another person to talk and play with can break your routine and cause them to have an accident.

Step 5 – Keep it Contained

As mentioned before, stay in an area with hard floors or where you don’t mind things getting dirty.

Pick a designated room and try to keep most activities there to minimize cleanup for you.

Step 6 – Snacks!

Normally we like to limit the amount of snacks our kids eat each day, but for this method we’re going to do the opposite.

You’re going to want to have lots of snacks on hand.

Get snacks and drinks your toddler likes so they can eat throughout the day. The reason for this is that you want them to have something to actually eliminate when it’s time to go potty.

Salty snacks make people thirsty so it won’t hurt to have a few of those available to encourage lots of drinking.

Step 7 – Set a Timer

Set a time for every 20 minutes to remind your toddler it’s time to potty.

No matter what else they are doing or what else is going on, the point is to stop everything the moment the timer goes off and head to the potty.

As the days goes on you can start to increase the amount of time between potty breaks.

If you notice your toddler doesn’t have to pee much when the timer goes off every 20 minutes, increase the intervals by 10 minutes at a time until you’ve found their natural potty rhythm.

Step 8 – Reward Every Success

Reward every successful trip to the potty!

That’s right, every single one.

What makes this method so powerful besides going so frequently is that every time your toddler goes pee or poop in the potty, they know they have a reward to look forward to.

Decide on a reward that will be super motivating for them and stock up on it. Potty charts work well for a lot of toddlers.

I’d steer away from candy since they’ll be using the potty very frequently throughout the day. But small things like stickers or pennies can be very motivating at a young age.

Here are more potty training reward ideas.

And that’s it! If you can be consistent for 2-3 days, you may find that naked potty training will work well for your toddler.

Why Naked Potty Training Works

There are a few reasons that the no pants naked potty training method works for many toddlers.

The most obvious reason is that there are no barriers between the toddler and the potty. No stopping to fiddle with buttons, snaps or anything else so they don’t have to think about what to do, just sit and go.

The next reason it works is because of easy on/off access to the potty. Without pants or undies in the way, your toddler can sit on the potty before any accidents happen.

This minimizes your cleaning and gives them more chances of success.

Another reason this works is because of the dedicated time it takes. Not leaving the house for a few days and dedicating all time and attention to your toddler makes a big difference.

And finally, in the event that accidents do happen (and they will), they’ll be able to see and feel it better.

Many toddlers don’t like the sensation of being soiled and are motivated even more to get to the potty on time.


You’ve got this.

No matter what reason you decided to jump into naked potty training, know that it can be done with some time and commitment.

Don’t let a little pee on the floor scare you away. Be dedicated to the process for a few days and it will pay off.

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