15 Fun Poop Books for Toddlers

There are tons of fun poop books for toddlers that talk about going number two in the potty, because let’s face it, talking about poop with your toddler is a necessity when potty training but it’s not always easy.

From silly stories about animals pooping to informative tales that give your toddler all the information they need to know about poop, these potty training books are the perfect way to teach your little one the ins and outs of pooping.

You’re sure to find the perfect book to help your toddler become more comfortable with pooping on the potty on this big list of poop books perfect for toddlers.

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Everyone Poops

Does your child feel nervous or embarrassed about pooping or potty training in general? Show them that Everyone Poops with this cute potty training book.

The adorable pictures in this kid-friendly book will help them understand that pooping is a normal, everyday thing that every animal in nature does on a regular basis.

Where’s the Poop?

One common issue children have when pooping in the potty is worrying about where the poop goes when they’re done.

Where’s the Poop addresses those concerns by showing your toddler that everything in nature has a place to poop. With flaps to lift showing your child where each of the animals poops, this cute poop book for toddlers may help ease your little one’s mind when it comes to pooping.

It Hurts When I Poop

If your child is afraid to poop on the potty, they’re sure to relate to Ryan, the book’s main character. In It Hurts When I Poop, Ryan is afraid pooping will hurt.

This informative book will help your child understand how pooping works in a fun and relatable way, which is sure to make a positive impact on your child’s potty training.

I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way!

Featuring a relatable character, I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way is the perfect book for any toddler having a hard time coming to terms with going poop in the potty.

Like many other potty training toddlers, the focus of this story is afraid to poop in the potty – attempting to hold his poop in until he can’t hold it any longer. And based on the book’s Amazon reviews, this book works like a charm to convince toddlers that going on the potty is the best way to poop.

What is Poo?

If you’re in the midst of potty training your toddler, I’m sure you’ve heard the question, What is Poo? If you’re finding it difficult to find the answer to that question, why not turn to a book?

What is Poo is a fun lift-the-flap book that answers all the questions your toddler may have about poop. And all with fun illustrations and a cute poop quiz at the end.

Image of boy sitting on toilet that says 15 easy-read pooping books

The Poo Poo Book

Make learning about poop and potty training a little more fun with this silly book all about poop. Your toddler will join Professor Poop in learning about the shapes and colors of good poop and bad poop, all the while helping your toddler learn more about how poop works in a fun and engaging way.

The Poo Poo Book is also one that will grow with your child. As a toddler they can learn about pooping in the potty, and as an older child, they can learn to use what they learned about their poop to tell if something is wrong with their body and alert their parents.

P is for Poops

While your toddler is probably interested in their own poop, learning about how other animals poop may make potty training a little easier on them.

P is for Poops is a great way to show your toddler that all animals poop, while also helping learn their ABCs, too! Each page is dedicated to a letter and animal, showing your child how each animal poops in its own special way.

We Poop on the Potty

In addition to showing your toddler that humans and animals poop, We Poop on the Potty takes pooping a step further.

With pictures of kid-friendly mythical creatures, like unicorns and dragons, pooping, too, your kids are sure to enjoy this fun poop-themed book.

And on top of showing where those animals poop, the book always reiterates that humans poop on the potty. Pair this cute book with the free downloadable app to have even more poop-related fun for your toddler as they’re potty training.

Whose Poop is That?

Using animals to help your toddler understand poop is a great idea. Most toddlers are interested in animals, which helps them grasp the concept of pooping a little more easily.

In Whose Poop is That, your toddler can explore different types of poop and learn how to identify an animal based on its droppings. And once your toddler is comfortable talking about the animals’ poops, they may be more likely to become interested in their own pooping patterns.

Super Pooper!

With colorful illustrations and relatable characters, Super Pooper makes pooping in the potty fun.

The superhero main character helps show your toddler that pooping in the potty will help them become a Super Pooper, too. And what toddler wouldn’t love to call themselves a Super Pooper?

Even Princesses Poop

If you have a princess lover at home, this book is for you! In

Even Princesses Poop, Princess Phoebe doesn’t understand how potties work. But after using the potty in a variety of unusual ways, she finally figures out exactly what the potty is used for.

Featuring interactive flaps, this poop book for toddlers is great at making your little one laugh while learning about pooping.

Even Pirates Poop

For the little pirate lovers, consider Even Pirates Poop. The story and format of this poop book for boys is similar to that of Even Princesses Poop, but instead of Princess Phoebe, the book follows Pirate Pete as he learns how to use the potty.

Each book also includes a reward chart to help your potty training toddler track their progress as they learn to use the toilet.

Poop or Get off the Potty

Featuring funny text and an instructive story, Poop or Get Off the Potty gives your toddler a more lighthearted approach to potty training.

The repetitive text and silly story are sure to engage your toddler as they learn about pooping on the potty instead of their diaper, making a must for any parent hoping to ease that transition for their little one.

Where’s the Poo?

Do you have a toddler who’s a fan of look and find books? This cute potty training look and find is a great way to help them get comfortable pooping on the potty.

Where’s the Poo is a fun spot the poo puzzle game where your toddler must find the poo in a variety of scenes, from a school yard to an alien planet. The simple pictures are perfect for young readers, making it an easy way to help make pooping a little more fun and keep them entertained in the bathroom while they’re trying to poop.

Softy the Poop

Talking about poop can sometimes be a little difficult.

Softy the Poop helps make the process of discussing poop with your toddler a little bit simpler. The fun artwork and informative story will help your toddler learn everything they need to know about poop.

Grab a few of these fun poop books for toddlers and let them discover how fun it is to learn how to poop in the potty!

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