The Best Potty Seat with Ladder (No Need for a Step Stool!)

Using a potty training seat is a great way to help your toddler learn to potty on a full-sized toilet.

On top of making the seat more comfortable to sit on, a training seat also helps your little one feel more secure while they’re going to the bathroom.

But it can be difficult for most toddlers to climb onto the toilet.

With the help of a potty seat with ladder, they can easily climb on and off of the toilet without any assistance.

But which potty seat with a ladder is the best one for you? Keep reading to find out.


Potty seat with ladder attachment resting on toilet

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What is the Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder?

Finding the best potty training seat for your child will help them get used to using the toilet on a regular basis.

And since there are a variety of different seats with ladders to choose from, you’ll have your pick of helpful potty training tools to choose from.

SKYROKU Potty Training Seat

Since the SKYROKU potty training seat fits toilet seats of any size or shape, it’s the perfect option for helping your toddler learn to potty.

The updated design of this useful seat features an adjustable ladder and raised back to help protect your child’s spine as they’re sitting.

And since the seat folds up when it’s not in use, you can easily store it away until your child’s ready to use the potty again.

Spuddies Potty Seat With Ladder

Featuring an anti-skid base, the Spuddies potty seat is a great option to ensure your child can safely get on and off the potty each time they need to go.

The seat comes with a built-in pee guard, so you won’t have to worry about your boy making a mess while he’s sitting on the seat.

When your child is finished using the potty seat, it can easily be folded up and stored away, making it great for small spaces.

DEVORY’STORY Foldable Potty Seat

With an adjustable step ladder made with two steps, this foldable potty seat is a great way to help your growing toddler learn to use the potty.

With the removable padded seat, your child can use the potty in comfort.

The seat and ladder combo is lightweight and easy to move, so your child can take potty training into their own hands by moving the seat on and off the toilet on their own.

Little Helpers Adjustable Ladder Potty Training Seat

Since this ladder potty seat features a sturdy base at the bottom of the ladder, you can be sure your toddler will be safe and secure as they climb up and down.

And thanks to the adjustable step, this handy potty training tool can grow with your child.

Featuring a removable seat, cleaning this training seat is a breeze.

And since the seat is made without a cushion, you don’t have to worry about moisture and bacteria soaking in.

Nonslip Potty Seat

You’ll love how secure this nonslip potty seat is when it’s placed on top of the toilet.

Since the seat itself features nonslip grips, there’s no need to worry about the seat moving around while your child is trying to potty.

The step is easily adjustable to make climbing on and off the potty seat easy for your little one.

And the built-in splash guard will prevent messes while they go. 

Wiifo Toilet Seat with Step Stool

While ladders are a great way to help your child get on and off the potty on their own, the rungs are sometimes too small for your toddler to safely climb.

With the help of this toilet seat with a step stool ladder, your child can easily climb up and down thanks to the wide step at the bottom.

The large step, along with the handles on the top of the seat, will ensure your toddler safely goes potty every time they feel the urge.

Bbpark Five Level Potty Seat

Thanks to the five different height settings on this adjustable potty seat, you’ll be sure to find the right height for your toddler.

You can even adjust the angle of the ladder to fit any toilet size. And your child will potty in comfort each time they sit on the seat thanks to the padded armrests and cushioned seat.

Thanks to the PVC cushions and attached splash guard, this seat is also easy to clean.

Delta Children Step Stool Potty Seat

If your child isn’t comfortable climbing a ladder to get onto the potty, why not try a step stool potty seat instead?

The sturdy step stool on the bottom makes it simple for your toddler to safely sit on the toilet.

And since the attached potty seat easily folds down, your toddler can also use the step stool for washing their hands when they’re finished using the potty.


Giraffe Potty Training Ladder

You won’t find a cuter potty training seat than this giraffe potty training ladder.

Each side of the ladder features an adorable giraffe design, making it a fun way to introduce potty training to your toddler.

The ladder features a sturdy adjustable step and a comfortable padded seat, which means this training seat not only looks cute but it’s also a safe option for your bathroom.

How Do You Use a Potty Seat with a Ladder?

Potty training seats are great for helping your child learn how to use the toilet.

But since most toilets sit up higher than a child can comfortably sit on without assistance, a step stool or ladder must be used.

By using a potty seat with ladder attachment, you provide your toddler with a safe way to sit on the potty on their own.

And the best part is that most of these potty training seats are easy enough to use that your toddler can eventually do it by themselves.


To set up and use your potty seat with a ladder, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Use the handles to move the seat to the toilet.
  2. Line up the potty seat over the top of the regular toilet seat.
  3. Adjust the height or angle of the ladder, if needed, so that the potty seat rests directly on top of the regular toilet seat.
  4. Let your child climb up the ladder and sit on the seat.
  5. When your child is done, they can climb down the ladder to the floor.
  6. To store, grab the handles on top of the seat to pick it up. Fold the seat flat against the ladder and lean the ladder against the wall until your child is ready to use it again.

Is it Better to Use a Potty Chair or Seat?

When it comes to deciding which potty training option is a better choice – a potty chair or potty seat – it really depends on you and your child.

A potty chair, which is a child-size seat that sits on the floor, it good for young kids just learning to potty train.

While a potty seat, which is a smaller seat that sits on top of the full-sized toilet seat, is great for helping your child transition to using the big toilet.

So, which is better a potty chair or potty seat?

The answers to these questions may help you decide which option will work best for your child:

  • Is your child willing to sit on the big toilet? The biggest factor to consider when deciding between a seat or chair is whether your little one is willing to use the big toilet. Some kids are ready to jump onto the big seat, while others might be intimidated by its size. If your kid is ready to use the toilet, a seat is a great option. But if your child is reluctant to sit on the big potty, a potty chair could be a good way to start training.
  • Does your child have trouble making it to the bathroom? Accidents are a big part of potty training. So, if your child seems to have trouble making it to the bathroom, a potty chair might be a good option for you. That’s because a potty chair is much more portable than a seat. You can move the chair from room to room, giving your toddler a place to go when they just can’t make it to the toilet.
  • Do you want to retrain your toddler to use the full-sized toilet? While using a potty seat is a great option for young kids to help them learn to go potty, eventually they’ll need to transition to the full-sized toilet. That means you may need to retrain them to use the toilet after they’ve outgrown their potty chair. But if you start training with a seat, there’s no need to reteach your child how to use the potty because they’ll already be adjusted to the toilet.
  • Are you willing to clean the chair after every use? Potty chairs typically feature a bowl under the seat to catch the pee and poop while your child is going. That means you’ll need to empty the bowl and clean it every time your child uses the bathroom. On the other hand, a potty seat can simply be wiped down after each use. And all you have to do is flush the toilet when your child is finished going.
  • Do you have space in your bathroom? While most of the things you need to consider when choosing between a seat and a chair depend on you and your child, there is one other thing you need to think about – your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom in your house, you might not have the extra floor space needed for a separate potty training chair. A potty seat, on the other hand, can be stored in a cabinet or on a hook on the wall until your child is ready to use it, which means you don’t need any extra space in your bathroom for use or storage.

As you can see, choosing a potty seat with a ladder is a great option for kids who are ready to use the big potty.

If you want to skip the small potty chair altogether, a potty seat with ladder attachment is your best bet for getting your child using the big toilet in no time.

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