10 Fun Potty Training Celebration Ideas

Potty training can be a long journey. So when your toddler finally masters potty training, you’re going to want to celebrate!

Once your toddler is finished training, why not show them how proud of them you are by putting together a potty training celebration?

Whether you throw a big party or just give them some words of encouragement, a fun celebration is a great way to mark the end of potty training.

Wondering how to celebrate your toddler’s potty training success? Check out these 10 fun potty training celebration ideas.

Potty Training Celebration Party

The biggest way to celebrate the end of potty training is with a party.

To make a big deal about your toddler’s success, host a big party that lets everyone know they have been successful.

A potty training party doesn’t have to be an elaborate get-together. In fact, hosting one can be pretty simple.

Here are the things you’ll need for an easy and fun potty training celebration party for your toddler:

  • Invitations. Whether you invite close family or all your kid’s friends is up to you. But once you decide on a guest list, send out some fun potty party invitations to let everyone know how great your little one did at potty training and invite them to the get-together.
  • Decorations. Keep the party light and fun by using brightly colored decorations the kids are sure to love. You can keep the decorations simple by using traditional party décor, like balloons and streamers. Or make things silly by decorating with toilet paper for the big day!
  • Party food. In addition to decorations, you’ll need some yummy food at your potty training party. Celebrate the occasion with a cake or cupcakes, along with some kid-friendly snacks and drinks for the younger guests.
  • Games. Keep your guests entertained at the party by playing some fun potty-themed party games, like a diaper toss or potty-themed bingo.
  • Party favors. Thank your guests for coming with some cute potty themed favors. You could give out coloring pages, potty training books, or fun stickers.

And if having a full out party is too much for you or your little one, don’t worry, you can still host a virtual potty training party to celebrate.

Let friends and family know the date and time you’ll be going live on your favorite meeting app so they can all join in to congratulate your toddler on a job well done.

The best part about hosting a virtual party? No clean up!

Happy toddler girl sitting on potty chair holding a toy.

Potty Training Graduation

Another fun way to celebrate the end of potty training is with a potty training graduation.

Let your toddler graduate from diapers to big kid underwear with a cute graduation ceremony. Get a kid-size graduation gown and cap, then create a fun potty training graduation certificate to print out and give to your toddler.

You can even invite your friends and family to watch the ceremony to really make your little one feel special about their success.

And after the ceremony is over, put the potty training diploma in a frame so they can proudly hang it in their room to remember their accomplishment.

Do Something Special

If throwing a party doesn’t appeal to you, there are tons of other great ways to celebrate the end of potty training!

Instead of hosting a party, let your toddler pick something fun to do as a way to celebrate potty training.

These fun activities are a great way to celebrate your toddler’s victory:

  • Go to the park
  • Go to the movies
  • Take a trip to the zoo or aquarium
  • Stay in a hotel for the night and swim in the pool
  • Visit a children’s museum

Whatever special outing you choose, your toddler is sure to love it.

And you’ll be happy to head out without worrying about your toddler having an accident!

Special Treats

Treats are another great way to celebrate a milestone.

Whether you whip up your kid’s favorite cookies or make a batch of cupcakes for the big day, baking something special for your child is a great way to celebrate the end of potty training.

Make sure your toddler knows that the special snack is for them because they did such a good job potty training.

In addition to getting to enjoy a yummy snack, your toddler is also sure to feel special after you make a delicious treat just for them!

A New Toy or Book

If you’ve been using a reward system throughout potty training, offering them a big reward like a new toy or book is a great way to show your toddler how proud you are of them.

Head to the store and let them pick out a new toy to play with when they’re finished potty training. Or go buy a toy yourself that you know they’ll love and surprise them with a wrapped present to celebrate the special occasion.

Dance Party

While you may not want to throw a big party for your toddler after potty training, you can still have a celebration.

Crank up some dance music and have a dance party in your living room to celebrate the end of potty training.

You can even do a quick search on YouTube to find some cute potty songs to dance to and turn the dance party into a fun potty training celebration the entire family can enjoy.

Host a Play Date

Instead of throwing a big potty party, you could also invite one of your kid’s friends over to play as a reward for successfully finishing potty training.

A fun play date is a great way to show your child that you’re proud of them. And they’ll be able to show off their new potty skills to their friend during their play date!

To make the play date extra special, tie up a few balloons, hang some streamers, and make your child’s favorite snack to celebrate their big day.

Big Kid Bed

The end of potty training marks a pretty big milestone in a child’s life. You can use potty training as a great transition into another childhood milestone – the move from a toddler bed into a big kid bed.

Let your toddler know how big he is by trading out their small bed for a twin-sized bed when they’re finished potty training.

Then, let them pick out some new sheets and a new blanket to sleep with on their new bed to add to the potty training celebration.

Move to the Big Toilet

If your toddler has been using a training potty to learn to potty, mark their success by letting them move to the big toilet.

Using a training seat on the regular toilet seat is a great way to transition between a training toilet and a traditional toilet.

Let your toddler pick out their child-size toilet seat so they’ll be excited about the transition. Then show them how to use the seat by placing it on the toilet seat and helping them sit on top.

Diaper Toss

If you’re looking for a simpler idea for celebrating potty training, you’ll love this one!

Host a diaper tossing ceremony to let your toddler get rid of their diapers and transition into big kid underwear full-time.

Give your toddler all their diapers and training pants and let them throw them away. This simple act will show them that you see them as a big kid who doesn’t need baby diapers anymore.

On top of celebrating the end of potty training, this fun activity will also give your toddler a little confidence to continue on their potty training journey.

Use these easy and fun potty training celebration ideas to congratulate your big kid for their success!

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