Potty Training Essentials (for Home and on-the-go!)

As a parent, you know how much gear you need for each stage of your child’s life. And while it may be time to get rid of some of your child’s baby gear, you’re going to have to replace it with potty training essentials.

Potty training is a big step for your toddler, which means there are new things you’ll need to help your toddler be successful.

As you’re preparing to start potty training, here are the potty training essentials you’ll need for each step of the way.

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Potty Training Essentials for Your Home

Potty training begins at home, which means you’re going to need several items to help your toddler along the way.

These potty training supplies are everything you’ll need to help your toddler learn how to use the potty at home.

  • Toilet seat. Your toddler’s little bottom probably won’t fit on a traditional toilet seat, so it’s important to have a toilet seat insert to help them sit comfortably on the toilet.
  • Potty chair. If you’d rather not use a toilet seat, purchase a toddler-sized potty chair to help teach them how to use the potty in the beginning stages of potty training.
  • Wipes. From cleaning up messes to wiping butts, wipes are a must-have during potty training.
  • Kid hand soap. Teaching your little one how to wash their hands is just as important as teaching them how to use the toilet. Kid-friendly hand soap comes out as foam, which makes it easy for your toddler to lather up after using the potty.
  • Potty chart and stickers. As one of the best reward systems for potty training, a potty chart and stickers is a great way to keep your toddler motivated as they’re potty training.
  • Reusable underwear or disposable training pants. When your toddler begins potty training, you’ll want to get rid of their diapers. Swap out the diapers for reusable underwear or training pants to begin their potty training journey.
  • Cleaning supplies. You’re going to have lots of accidents and messes to cleanup when your toddler starts potty training. Make sure you have lots of cleaning supplies on hand to tackle those potty training messes.
  • Easy on/off pants. Make it as easy as possible for your toddler to take off their pants when they’re ready to go by using pants with an elastic waist while they’re training.
  • Potty watch. A potty watch is a great way to remind your toddler (and yourself) that they may need to potty.
  • Books. From reading about potty training to reading to your toddler in the bathroom as they’re trying to poop, having a variety of books on hand is a great idea while you’re potty training.
  • Step stool. A small step stool  like the Squatty Potty is a good idea for helping your toddler sit on the toilet in the proper position and reach the sink to wash their hands when they’re finished.
Toddler sitting on red potty chair.

For Nighttime and Naps

Potty training while your child sleeps is another important aspect of toilet training. And that means you’re going to need some special nighttime potty supplies to help your toddler through this stage.

When you begin this stage of potty training, here’s what you may need:

  • Training pants/pull-ups. If your toddler is having trouble staying dry as they sleep, it may be a good idea to allow them to wear training pants to prevent a wet bed.
  • Waterproof sheets. Protect your child’s mattress from accidents with waterproof sheets.
  • Peejamas. If you would prefer to skip the training pants, Peejamas are a great alternative. They’re absorbent pajamas that are comfortable to wear, making them a great choice even if accidents are still an issue.
  • Extra pajamas for accidents. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of pajamas on hand in the event of a late-night accident. Make sure to have an extra pair near your child’s bed so you don’t have to search for new pajamas in the middle of the night.

For Boys

Potty training boys is a little trickier than training girls because you’ll eventually have to teach them to pee standing up.

These potty training essentials are a great way to help your little boy as he’s potty training:

  • Splash guard. When your toddler boy is learning to pee sitting down, you may need a splash guard to prevent the pee from spraying as they go.
  • Target practice. And as you teach your toddler to pee standing up, targets are a great way to help them aim as they go and help you keep your bathroom clean!
  • Standing urinal. Another great way to teach your boy to pee standing up is with a training urinal. It may make potty training your boy a little more fun for them!

In the Car or While Traveling

If you’ve become a little more confident in your toddler’s potty abilities, you may be ready to take them out without worry.

But heading out with a potty training toddler comes with a few challenges.

Make sure you’re ready for anything by having these potty training essentials on hand while you’re out and about:

  • Waterproof pad. One of the worst parts of traveling with a potty training toddler is worrying about an accident in their car seat. Because cleaning pee out of a car seat is no fun! Protect your child’s car seat from an accident by placing an absorbent waterproof pad on the seat to contain the pee while you’re driving.
  • Travel potty. Whether you know you’ll be in the car for a while or your toddler isn’t ready to use a big public toilet while you’re out, it’s also a good idea to have a travel potty on hand. Most travel potties come with removable seats, so you can use them on the road or on a public toilet seat, making them a great potty training item to store in your car.
  • Boy or girl traveling pee cup. Sometimes, you won’t be able to get your toddler to a bathroom when they really need to go. Make sure they have a place to pee while you’re on the road by storing a portable pee cup in your car. Pee cups come designed for boys or girls, making them a great choice for potty training toddlers.
  • Wipes. Keep your toddler (and your car) clean as you’re potty training by making sure to have wipes on hand at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer in a pinch when your toddler has to potty but you aren’t near running water.
  • Towel. Keep a towel handy for cleanups, as a cover up in case you’re out of extra clothes, as a protective layer between the car seat and a soiled toddler and many more uses.
  • Paper towels. Another disposable option for cleaning up after an accident includes paper towels. In addition to cleaning up the mess in your car, you can use the towels to dry off your toddler after an accident.
  • Disinfecting wipes. While baby wipes are good for cleaning up, they won’t disinfect the area. After you get the mess cleaned up, be sure to wipe the germs away with disinfecting wipes.
  • Toilet tissue. Your toddler is still going to need to wipe after they’re finished going, so it’s a good idea to have a roll of toilet tissue in your car for on-the-go pottying.
  • Extra pair of clothes. Always be prepared for an accident by stashing an extra pair of clothes and underwear in your car so your little one can change into a clean outfit after they’re cleaned up.

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