19 Fun Potty Training Reward Ideas for Toddlers (That Totally Work)

Parents looking for potty training reward ideas know the power of a good incentive to get their toddler motivated to use the potty.

Toilet training comes with its ups and downs and I always like to say, “make it as easy on yourself and your child as possible.”

Some parents don’t like the idea of using potty training rewards because they feel it’s bribing their child to do something they should do even without a reward.

But if your toddler gladly skips to the potty because they know there is a fun treat waiting for them afterwards, why not use that to your advantage?

Using rewards in potty training is a simple and fun way to aid progression in your toddler’s journey.

And keep in mind…

the rewards don’t have to be complicated.

Using simple, everyday resources will save you money and ensure you have enough rewards to last until your toddler doesn’t need them anymore.

Tips for using potty training rewards effectively

  • Switch it up! Just like we get bored with the same thing over and over again, toddlers do, too. Nobody wants the same surprises over and over because they become predictable and they won’t be surprised anymore. To keep enthusiasm running high, switch the potty training rewards you offer your toddler occasionally. You can repeat them sometimes, just not every time.
  • Give immediate feedback. Toddlers and young kids need immediate feedback because their attention span isn’t that long. Make sure whatever reward you give them is something that can be immediately applied—like a sucker or sticker. You don’t want them forgetting about their successful trip to the potty or worse, starting to think there is no reward coming because it’s taking too long to get it.
  • No rewards before using the potty. One of the worse things you can do is offer a reward to your child before they use the potty as a way to make them go. It usually doesn’t work. They take the treat and once it’s gone/over, they still may not go to the toilet. Always, always give the reward afterward.
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19 Potty training reward ideas

With these tips in mind, let’s talk rewards for toddlers who successfully use the potty.

Reward coupons

Using our potty reward coupons, you’ll be able to come up with several reward ideas. After using the bathroom, your toddler can pick one of the coupons to be rewarded with the surprise you’ve written on it.


Kids never get bored with stickers!

Head to the dollar store or stock up online with a variety of stickers in different shapes, sizes and colors. Each time your toddler successfully uses the potty, give him a sticker to place on himself.

You can even make it educational by having him place stickers on different body parts you call out like knees and chin.


Fill a jar or piggy bank with pennies. Keep a small stash on hand and hand your toddler one every time they use the potty.

Big Kid Underwear

Even if your toddler isn’t fully potty trained and ready for big kid underwear on a regular basis, letting them pick out their own underwear is a great motivator.

When you begin potty training, take a trip to the store to let your toddler pick out a few sets of new underwear with their favorite characters or colors.

They can even start their potty training adventure by wearing the underwear over their diaper to encourage them to begin potty training. Then, each day let them pick out which pair they’ll wear as they toilet train.


Another great way to help motivate your toddler to use the potty is with snacks.

To make the snack a reward for potty training, choose a food item that they don’t usually get – small candy like M&Ms or Skittles, small suckers, or bite-sized cookies are all popular choices when potty training.

It’s a good idea to choose a small snack option as a reward since your toddler will be using the potty multiple times per day and possibly be receiving several rewards.

To make the snack reward extra special, create a potty snack jar and fill it with your toddler’s favorite candy or treat. Each time they use the bathroom and wash their hands, they can pull one piece out of the jar as a reward.


If you would prefer not to reward your child with candy or treats, consider offering small prizes as a reward for potty training.

Fill a basket with small toys like bouncy balls, or simple prizes like temporary tattoos. Small prizes are a great motivator for toddlers while they’re potty training.

You can purchase a variety of small toys from the dollar store and display them in a basket or a jar, similar to the potty snack jar described above.

Another great way to reward your toddler with prizes is to allow them to rack up points or stickers toward a larger prize.

Let your toddler mark a chart with a marker, stamp, or sticker each time they go, then give them the option to pick a prize when they reach a certain number of successful potties.


There’s no doubt that little kids love bubbles, which makes bubbles another great potty training reward idea.

To use bubbles as a reward, keep a jar of bubbles in the bathroom. Each time your toddler successfully uses the potty, blow a few bubbles for them to catch. Or let them blow the bubbles themselves for even more fun.


Like stickers, stamps are another popular option when searching for potty training reward ideas.

Toddlers love stamps just as much as stickers, which makes them an easy choice for potty training. You can use stamps on a potty training chart or simply let your toddler stamp a sheet of paper when they’re finished using the potty or washing their hands.

Another great way to use stamps as a reward is to let your toddler stamp their hand after they potty.

On top of being a fun reward, it’s also a great reminder throughout the day to use the potty and get more stamps.

Screen Time

While extended screen time isn’t good for toddlers, using a short amount of screen time as a reward is a great way to motivate your potty trainer.

After they use the toilet, let them watch one of their favorite videos or play a quick educational game. Set a timer for the designated amount of screen time they earned. After their rewarded time is up, put the device away until the next time your toddler uses the potty.

They’ll get to have a little fun on your phone or tablet for a few minutes without the need for excessive screen time throughout the day.

New Books

You and your toddler will be spending a ton of time in the bathroom, so you’re going to need some new reading material! Why not make those new books a reward for going potty?

Each week your toddler successfully potty trains, let them pick out a new book from the store, order a new book online, or visit the library to grab a few new stories to read.

They’ll love getting new books each week, and you’ll be happy you don’t have to read the same stories over and over again while you wait for them to finish pooping.

Fun Activities

Some parents would prefer not to reward their kids with physical things – and I totally understand! Instead of motivating your child with toys, books, or food, reward them with fun activities instead.

Write down some of your toddler’s favorite things to do, whether its finger painting, making slime or playing outside, then cut the paper into strips and put all the activities in a jar. Each day your toddler does well potty training, pull out an activity from the jar and let your toddler take part.

On top of helping motivate them to continue potty training, this fun reward system will also help them create some lasting memories along the way.

Polish Nails

If your toddler is old enough, why not polish their nails as a reward for going potty?

You may not want to do this all the time, which makes it a great reward for things that are harder to accomplish like staying dry all day or rewarding a toddler who’s hesitant to poop in the potty.

Trip to the Park

How fun and motivating would it be to know a trip to the park is waiting after a successful trip to the bathroom? Use this idea as a reward at the end of the week if your toddler has more successful days than unsuccessful days that week.

Dance Party

Remember what we said earlier – keep it simple.

A dance party may be simple to us parents, but it could be a hugely fun and rewarding treat for your toddler. Put on their favorite music and let your toddler dance and giggle to their heart’s content!

Pick what’s for Dinner

Use dinnertime as a reward for potty success.

Let your toddler know that instead of saying no to their special request for dinner like you usually do, they can have anything they want (within reason, of course) for dinner if they can successfully use the potty.

New Crayons and Coloring Books

Some kids are really in to art and coloring. If this is your toddler, it’s a simple, easy way to reward them for a job well done in the bathroom.

Make Cookies or Cupcakes

Save the sweet baked treats for special occasions like this.

Let your toddler accompany you to the store to pick a flavor of cookies or cupcakes and icing. Let them know this is a potty training reward for them and leave it on the table to remind them of what’s to come if they are successful.

Visit Friends or Family for a Playdate

It’s always fun to visit others to play! Let your toddler know that a fun trip to a friend’s house is waiting once they use the potty.

This is a good reward for them completing a full day or full week of successful potty training.

Potty Party

For parents who want to go all out to celebrate your toddler’s potty training successes – host a potty party!

When your child has successfully finished potty training or passed a big milestone, like pooping in the potty or staying dry throughout the night, throw them a small party.

Decorate the bathroom with balloons and streamers and make some cupcakes to celebrate their accomplishment. You could even invite immediate family, like your child’s grandparents, to join in in the celebration.

Just make sure your child knows that the party is a one-time thing so they don’t expect to receive a celebration every time they use the potty each day.

The Bottom Line

Rewards and incentives are great motivators for kids, and these potty training reward ideas are perfect for a variety of personality types, making them a great way to reward your toddler for a job well done.

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