The Best Potty Training Underwear for Toddlers (Absorbent + Comfy)

A lot goes into potty training your toddler. And finding the best potty training underwear is an important decision you’ll need to make.

Picking out their first pair of big kid underwear is an exciting process for your toddler.

And it’s a great way to get them ready to start potty training.

But how do you pick the best training pants for your little one?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about finding the best underwear for potty training.

Young boy in underwear holding a potty seat

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Does Underwear Help With Potty Training?

When it comes to potty training, one of the first questions parents ask is whether it’s better to potty train with pull-up style undies or underwear.

Since pull-ups are similar to diapers, they might seem like a good way to start potty training your toddler.

But they might actually hinder your toddler’s progress during the beginning stages of potty training.

This is because pull-up style trainers often feel too similar to diapers, which means your toddler might not understand the difference between urinating in them verses going in the toilet.

Unlike pull-up style underwear, training pants give your toddler a chance to see exactly how it feels without the protection of a diaper.


Every time your toddler has an accident in their big kid underwear, they can feel the urine escaping and understand the consequences of peeing away from the toilet.

Even after your toddler starts wearing underwear regularly, accidents are bound to happen.

That’s why it’s a good idea to help your toddler transition from the protection of diapers to big kid underwear by using potty training underwear first.

Unlike regular underwear, potty training underwear is typically made with an extra liner to help absorb wetness after an accident.

While training pants won’t stop accident messes, they will minimize the damage caused after a potty training accident.

When your toddler has an accident, the absorbent liner will catch some of the liquid. But they’ll still be able to feel the wetness, alerting them that an accident has happened.


Best Potty Training Underwear

Wearing underwear is a great way to help your toddler transition from diapers to the potty, but not all potty training underwear are created equally.

Check out some of the best potty training underwear on Amazon and Etsy (good quality!) to find some amazing training pants to help your child become a potty training superstar.

Paw Patrol Training Pants

One of the best ways to get your toddler excited about potty training is to let them pick out their own underwear featuring their favorite characters.

If your kid is a fan of Nickelodeon, they’ll love these adorable Paw Patrol training pants!

These toddler-friendly underwear feature the popular cartoon characters and are made with an extra absorbent liner to help soak up accidents before they make a mess.

MooMoo Baby Training Underwear

During the beginning stages of potty training, it’s a good idea to use potty training underwear to help protect against accidents.

Unlike regular underwear, these training pants feature extra layers in the front and back to soak up accidents.

With six layers of protection, these MooMoo training underwear make a great introduction to potty training for your toddler.

Spiderman Training Pants

When it comes to potty training boys, you can’t go wrong with superheroes!

With the help of these Spiderman training pants, your toddler will be so excited to start wearing big kid underwear.

And since these underwear are made with an absorbent polyester lining, they’ll help keep him dry even if he has an accident.

Absorbent Potty Training Pants

Finding comfortable and absorbent training pants doesn’t have to be difficult.

With the help of these cotton potty training pants, your toddler can learn to use the potty in comfort.

Since the underwear are made with a cotton outer shell, they feel like regular underwear.

But the TPU waterproof liner and elastic leg holes help protect against a mess from the occasional accident.

Cotton Training Pants

Worrying about accident doesn’t have to be an issue when you have the right training underwear.

Thanks to the absorbent lining in these toddler training underwear, your little one will be protected against small accidents throughout the day.

This set of breathable underwear are made with four layers of protection, including an organic cotton outer shell and an absorbent lining made of wool and TPU.

Waterproof Underwear Covers

If your toddler insists on wearing big kid underwear without an absorbent lining, make sure they’re protected with the help of waterproof underwear covers.

These rubber underwear go on over the top of regular underpants, giving your toddler a waterproof layer of protection to prevent accident messes.

Mickey Mouse Training Underwear

Do you have a Mickey Mouse fan at home? Help them get excited about potty training by getting them a set of Mickey Mouse training underwear.

This cute set of training pants features Mickey and his friends on each pair.

They’ll love the comfortable cotton outer shell that feels just like wearing big kid underwear.

But the soft polyester lining will protect them against small accidents while they’re learning to use the big kid potty.

Waterproof Wet Zone Underwear

pink wet zone potty training underwear

Thanks to the waterproof wet zone in these handmade training pants, your toddler will be protected throughout the day.

The wet zone is made of highly absorbent microfiber terry and a hidden polyurethane laminate to create a waterproof lining.

And you can have your toddler’s underwear designed for a boy or a girl to help protect from wetness right where they need it.

Organic Training Pants

pink organic potty training pants

There’s no reason to worry about unneeded chemicals in your child’s training pants when you order a pair of organic potty training underwear.

Constructed of organic cotton, these training pants feature an absorbent center panel made of organic French terry to soak up small accidents throughout the day.

Training Pants Pattern

Potty training pants for toddlers

Can’t find a design that works for you and your toddler?

Why not make your own training pants at home?

With the help of this PDF pattern, you can sew your own training pants in the style and design that your toddler will love.

When you’re choosing potty training underwear for your toddler, allow them to choose styles they like.

This helps to build excitement and will aid in your endeavors in potty training your child.

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