The Best Potty Training Urinals for Boys (Compare Top Styles!)

Potty training a boy often involves two stages.

During the beginning phase of potty training, many boys learn to pee sitting on the toilet seat. But eventually they’ll need to learn how to pee standing up, too.

To make the transition from sitting to standing a little easier, many parents use one of the potty training urinals for boys.

This handy tool gives your boy a kid-sized place to practice peeing standing up, allowing him to get the hang of the process before he starts using the full-size toilet.

Two blue potty training urinals for boys

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Potty Training Urinal Advantages

Although using a potty training urinal isn’t a necessity, it does make the process of potty training your boy a little easier.

That means there are several great advantages to using this potty training tool in your own bathroom.

If you’re on the fence about using a potty training urinal for your son, consider these benefits:

  • A potty training urinal makes it easier to pee standing up. The biggest advantage of using a urinal to help your toddler learn to pee standing up is that you can easily adjust the height of the urinal to fit your child. Unlike the stationary toilet, most potty urinals are easily adjustable, which means you can place it in the perfect spot for your kid to pee without the need for a stepstool.
  • It’s easier for him to pee like daddy. Kids learn best by imitating their parents. So, if your son is eager to start peeing like daddy, he might enjoy practicing with a potty urinal. He can comfortably stand up and go without worrying about making a mess or standing on a stool to reach the toilet.
  • There’s less mess on the floor. Learning to aim is part of learning to pee standing up. And if your child is learning to aim while peeing in the toilet, you’re probably going to have a mess to clean up after he’s finished going. But since a urinal is designed for your toddler to pee into, it helps contain the mess during each bathroom break.
  • It prepares him for public restrooms. At some point, your kid is going to need to use the bathroom away from home. And if he uses the men’s room, he’s going to have the option to use a urinal. Help your toddler get used to the idea of peeing outside the comfort of his own bathroom by introducing a urinal to him early on.

Types of Potty Training Urinals

There are three different styles of potty urinals to choose from, including the hanging urinal, suction cup urinal, and standing urinal.

The type you choose will depend on a few different factors, including the amount of extra space in your bathroom and how you plan to train your toddler.


Hanging Urinal

A hanging potty training urinal is a popular option because it takes up less space in the bathroom than the other two options.

This urinal hangs from the side of your toilet seat, allowing your child to pee into a large basin on the side of the toilet.

After he uses the urinal, it can easily be dumped directly into the toilet bowl, making it simple to empty.

One drawback of this type of urinal is that it must be removed from the toilet when adults want to sit on the seat. And it can only be mounted at one height, which means it may not work for every child.

Suction Cup Urinal

Another option for potty training your boy is a suction cup urinal.

This adjustable urinal comes with a base that attaches to the wall with suction cups and a removable urinal tray that can be taken off to empty the basin.

This urinal is a great temporary option for potty training your toddler, giving them a kid-sized location to practice peeing standing up.

And since you can attach the urinal to different surfaces, it can easily be moved from one location to another.

While this type of urinal is a good option for some, it does have its drawbacks as well.

Since the urinal attaches to the wall using suction cups, you run the risk of the potty falling off the wall and making a mess if the cups lose their suction.

Standing Urinal

The final option you can choose from and my personal favorite option for potty training urinals for boys is the standing urinal.

This design is the most similar to a traditional urinal, in which your toddler stands and pees into the urinal with the base resting on the floor. The larger size provides a larger basin to collect the urine and provides a more stable structure to prevent spills.

And while the large size is an advantage, it’s also a disadvantage to anyone with a small bathroom.

These standing urinals take up much more space than other designs. And they’re more difficult to empty and clean.


Potty Training Urinals for Boys

Finding the right potty training urinal for your kid is the first step to helping them learn how to pee standing up.

These urinals are some of the best potty training urinals for boys:

Hallo Potty Training Urinal

This two-part standing urinal is a great option for potty training. The cute frog design features a rotating windmill in the center so your toddler can practice aiming while they pee. And you’ll love the removable bowl-shaped insert that makes it simple to empty and clean your urinal after each use.

My Size Urinal

With its realistic design, the My Size Urinal even features a real handle on top that makes a flushing sound when pushed. Just hang the potty on the wall using adhesive strips to instantly give your boy a place to practice peeing standing up. And with the bright blue target in the center of the basin, he can practice his aim each time he goes.

Frog Potty Training Urinal

The suction cups on the back of this frog urinal make it easy to adjust the height for your child. And your little one will love practice aiming as they go with the help of the red windmill in the center of the urinal. Since the urinal comes with a removable insert, you can easily empty and clean the urinal without removing it from the wall.

Whale Potty Toddler Urinal

Featuring a spinning mill in the center, this whale potty training urinal will keep your son engaged and excited about making it spin. This urinal also features a removable basin making it a snap to quickly remove, empty and clean.

Hanging Urinal

If you’re crunched for space in your bathroom, why not give a hanging urinal a try? This removable urinal attaches to the side of your toilet, allowing your toddler to practice peeing without the need for a big, bulky addition to your bathroom.

Penguin Urinal

Make potty training a little more fun with the help of a penguin urinal. The cute design of this potty device will get your toddler excited about learning to pee standing up. The free-standing design features a rotating windmill in the center for aiming. And you’ll love the large capacity bowl that makes clean-up quick and easy.

Portable Urinals for Potty Training

Getting ready to travel and need a portable potty training urinal for traveling with boys?

Check out these top options.

In conclusion, choosing the best potty training urinal for boys comes down to personal preference.

I personally recommend a standing urinal that stands on the floor by itself. There’s less chance of it falling off the wall and it can be moved around the house if needed.

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