The Best Potty Training Video for You and Your Toddler

Potty training takes a lot of work, but having a fun potty training video can help!

Because of the added pressure potty training puts on you and your child, it always helps to have as many resources up your sleeve as possible to make things a little easier for both of you.

Reading books and modeling appropriate behaviors are both great ways to help your toddler learn how to use the potty.

But if you’re looking for an additional learning resource, potty training videos are a great option.

Here are some of the best potty training videos on YouTube that will make potty training a little more fun for you and your child.


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Entertaining Potty Training Videos

One of the best ways for your toddler to learn how to use potty is by watching educational videos.

These cute potty training videos on Youtube help your toddler understand the steps of potty training in a fun, yet educational way.

And that means they’re sure to get excited about their own potty training adventure.

Sesame Street: Potty Time

There’s no better character to help teach your toddler to use the potty than Elmo! This fun Sesame Street video is a great way to teach your toddler about potty training with the help of one of their favorite Sesame Street puppets. Featuring a cute song and lots of potty training information, this adorable video is a must for a potty training a toddler.

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Pirate Pete’s Potty

Adapted from the book Pirate Pete’s Potty from Ladybird books, this fun potty training video tells the story of pirate Pete as he begins potty training. From picking out a new potty seat to finding the best big kid underwear, this fun story will help your toddler understand the process of potty training from start to finish. The cute animations and silly story are a great way to help introduce the concept of potty training to any pirate loving toddler.

Princess Polly’s Potty

If you have a princess fan at home, this fun potty story is perfect for you. Based on the book Princess Polly’s Potty from Ladybird books, this animated video is very similar to Pirate Pete’s Potty. As Princess Polly learns about picking a potty seat and finding her own big kid underwear, your little princess can easily relate to the story. She’ll have a blast watching Polly learn to potty.

The Potty Song

Toddlers love watching song videos, which makes The Potty Song a great choice for potty training. Created by Pinkfong, your toddler will have a blast singing along to the catchy lyrics of this educational potty training video. And the silly graphics are a fun way to help your little one learn all about going on the potty in a cute and lighthearted way.

Potty Training Song

This cute potty training song from Cocomelon is another great way to help your toddler get excited about potty training. The cute lyrics of the song, paired with the familiar characters from the popular channel’s videos, is a sure way to help your little one grasp the concept of potty training. And after hearing the song a few times, they’ll be excited to start doing their own potty dance! 

Go Potty, Go

Daniel Tiger is another great character to help your toddler with potty training. The Go Potty, Go song will help your toddler understand the importance of using the potty right when they need to go. From using the bathroom when they wake up in the morning to taking a break from playing to go potty, Daniel Tiger will make it easy for your toddler to see that using the potty is a necessity.

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Educational Potty Training Videos

While songs and cartoons are fun for toddlers to watch, sometimes you need more educational options.

If you’re searching for the best potty training video for teaching your toddler the basics of going potty, you’ll love some of these adorable educational videos.

Potty Training Song in Six Steps

Created by the makers of Sesame Street, this cute educational video breaks down potty training into six simple steps for your toddler – sit, go, wipe, flush, wash, and dry. What could be easier than that? The catchy song and cute animations only add to the educational value of this potty training video for toddlers.

Wipe Your Bottom

One of the most difficult aspects of potty training for your toddler is pooping and learning how to wipe their own bottom. This educational video uses real children to help show your toddler how wipe their bottom when they’re finished using the potty. Wipe Your Bottom is a great way to help demonstrate how other children use the potty and wipe their bottom when they’re finished.

Potty Monkey Learns to Potty

While you could purchase the corresponding Potty Monkey system that goes along with this educational video, the video on it’s on is also a great way to help teach your toddler about potty training. The silly sound effects and relatable story in Potty Monkey Learns to Potty are sure to make potty training a little more fun for your toddler.

Best Potty Training Videos for Parents

We parents need all the help we can get when it comes to potty training!

If you’re stuck on a potty training step, why not watch a video to get a little assistance? These great videos are some of the best potty training videos on Youtube for parents.

When is the Right Time to Potty Train?

One of the biggest questions parents have is when it comes to potty training is “is my toddler ready?” This educational video, When is the Right Time to Potty Train, from Sleep Sense helps parents go through the different factors to consider as you begin  potty training your toddler.

The Gentle Potty Training Method

If you’re searching for a more gentle approach to potty training, you’ll love this method from SJ Stum. Using characteristics from gentle parenting practices and Montessori techniques, she helps parents learn how to teach their kids how to use the potty in a gentler manner.

Potty Training a Boy Tricks

Potty training a boy comes with its own challenges. Get a little help from boy parents with these potty training tips for boys. From helping your toddler learn how to stand up while going pee to helping them aim when using the toilet, this video has tons of great advice for potty training little boys.

Potty Training Hacks

Get potty training tips from a mom who has successfully trained three children with this great potty training hacks video. Emily Norris will give you actionable tips that will help you potty train your toddler in just four days! This video offers tons of encouragement for parents in the beginning stages of potty training by providing lots of great information you’ll need as you start teaching your toddler how to use the potty.

13 Reasons to Hate Potty Training

Sometimes, we just need to have a good laugh. This funny potty training video for parents is a great way to have a giggle about all the issues we have while potty training our little ones. Watching these toddlers have accidents on the floor or fall into the toilet may make you feel a little better about your own little one’s progress as they’re potty training.

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