Adorable Princess Potty Chairs for Princess-Loving Kids!

There are so many simple ways to help get your toddler excited about potty training.

On top of letting them pick out their own underwear, getting them a potty chair or seat featuring their favorite characters is another easy way to get them ready to start potty training.


And if your child is a fan of princesses, a themed potty seat is a great idea!

These adorable princess potty chairs are a cute way to help your little princess have fun while potty training.

Toddler girl sitting on a pink princess potty chair

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Princess Potty Chairs

Any princess fan will love learning to use the bathroom in one of these adorable potty chairs!

Whether your toddler loves all things princess or is just a fan of pink, they’re sure to enjoy potty training with the help of one of these girly potty seats.


Princess Step Stool Potty

Your princess-loving toddler will be so excited to start potty training when she sees this princess step stool potty. The three-in-one potty seat is perfect for a toddler who is just starting to learn to use the potty. The toddler-sized chair is great for introducing your little one to potty training. As she grows, she can use the removable seat on the full-sized toilet. And when you fold the back of the chair down, your toddler can use the potty chair as a step stool to wash their hands or step up to the full toilet.

Pink Potty Seat

With the help of this three-step potty seat, your toddler can use this pink potty chair for every stage of potty training. When she’s learning to go potty, the toddler chair is perfect for practicing sitting on the toilet. The small seat is just the right size for a toddler. As she grows, the top of the potty chair can be removed and placed on the full-sized toilet for a quick and easy transition. To use the chair as a step stool for hand washing, simply close the top of the chair.

My Size Potty

Give your toddler her own mini toilet in the bathroom with this adorable pink My Size Potty. Designed to look like a real toilet, this toddler potty chair is perfect for learning how to use the bathroom. The princess pink toilet features a wipes compartment in the top and a realistic flushing sound every time the handle is pushed down. And you’ll love the flip-top seat and removable bowl, which makes it quick and easy to clean after each use.

Pink Travel Potty

Make sure your toddler has a comfortable place to go potty even when you’re on the go with the help of this adorable princess pink travel potty. The seat folds up in to an easy to carry case, allowing you to take the portable potty seat wherever you go. Featuring nonslip feet on the bottom and a comfortable seat, your child will be happy to use this travel toilet anywhere you go. And with the leakproof seal around the edge of the seat, this travel toilet is always mess-free.


Unicorn Potty Seat

Unicorns and princesses go hand in hand, so any toddler who loves princesses will love this adorable unicorn potty seat! Featuring a picture of a unicorn on the front, this adorable potty training chair is a great way to get your little one excited about using the bathroom. And since the seat features handles on the side for your toddler to grip while they sit and a handle on the back so you can easily transport it from room to room, this lightweight potty seat will be a useful addition to your bathroom as your toddler learns to potty.

Pink Potty Chair

If you can’t find a princess potty chair for your toddler to use in the bathroom, why not make your own? With the help of this bright pink potty chair, your toddler can create their own princess throne in the bathroom just by adding some stickers. Since the solid-colored potty chair is a blank canvas, your toddler can decorate it however she wants. And with its raised back and seamless seat, she’ll be comfortable every time she uses the bathroom. With the handle on the back, you can easily transport this potty chair from room to room. And the side handles make cleaning up messes quick and easy.

Ladder Potty Seat

Using the full-sized toilet isn’t always easy for a little toddler. But with the help of a ladder potty seat, your toddler can easily climb up and down onto the toilet all on their own. On top of having a helpful step ladder and comfortable seat, she’ll love the princess pink color of this handy potty seat. And since the seat easily folds up, you can tuck it away when she’s finished going to the bathroom.

Disney Princess Potty Seat

Disney princess fans will love potty training when they have their own Disney princess potty seat! The soft potty seat is designed to fit on top of a traditional toilet seat, making it a quick and easy way to help your toddler transition to the toilet. Simply place the potty seat on top of the toilet seat, then let your toddler sit comfortably while she goes. The handles on the side of the seat will make her feel safe and secure while she sits.

Is it Better to Use Potty Chair or Potty Seat?

This fun list of princess potty chairs features a variety of different options you can use to help potty train your toddler.

So, you might be wondering which is better – a potty chair or potty seat?

Both options come with benefits and drawbacks, so the choice of potty seat or chair is totally up to you!

A potty chair is a toddler-sized potty that sits close to the floor.

Potty training chairs are designed with toddlers in mind, making it easy for them to sit on the seat all on their own.

Since the chairs are small and close to the ground, your toddler might feel more comfortable sitting on the chair instead of the larger toilet.

But since the seat comes with a bowl to catch the pee and poop, it needs to be cleaned after each use.

Another drawback to this potty training option is that you may also need to retrain your toddler to use the full-size toilet after they outgrow the potty seat.

Potty seats are another option for helping your toddler potty train.

These small seats are designed to fit on top of a full-size toilet seat, making sitting on the larger toilet more comfortable for your toddler.

Toddler potty seats can easily be placed on top of the toilet seat when your toddler is ready to go and quickly removed after they’re finished using the bathroom.

But while these seats make it easier for your toddler to sit on the full toilet, they might still feel scared about sitting up so high.

And depending on the size of your toilet, your toddler may also need to use a step stool to get on and off the toilet on their own.

After weighing the pros and cons of each potty training option, you can decide whether a seat or chair is better for your child.

And there’s no reason that you have to chose just one!

Your toddler can use a combination of potty chair and potty seat to see which option works best for them.

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