Fun Toilet Targets for Potty Training (and How to Get Your Son to Aim)

Potty training boys comes with a separate set of challenges that often goes beyond simply learning to pee and poop in the potty.

That’s because your little boy often needs to be trained a second time to learn how to pee standing up.

On top of adding a second round of training to your routine, this step in the potty training process can often be a messy one.

But with the help of toilet targets for potty training, you can make learning to pee standing up a little more fun (and a little less messy) for your boy!

Toddler boy looking and pointing into a toilet.

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How to Get Boys to Aim in the Toilet

One of the biggest questions parents of boys ask when it comes to potty training is “how do I get my little boy to aim in the toilet?”

That’s because there’s often a learning curve when your child transitions from peeing while sitting on the toilet seat to peeing standing up.


These potty training tips will help your boy make the transition from sitting to standing:

  • Use a step stool. Sometimes standing up isn’t an option for your toddler simply because the toilet bowl is too high for him. If that’s the case, simply use a step stool to help him reach the proper height.
  • Make sure his legs touch the bowl. To help your boy get into the right position for standing while peeing, first make sure he’s close enough to the toilet to aim. One simple way to help him stand in the right spot is to remind him that his legs should be touching the edge of the bowl while he pees.
  • Show him how to hold it. Another simple way to help him aim is to show him how to hold is penis so that it’s pointing in the right direction.
  • Use a target. Placing a toilet target inside the bowl is a simple way to give your toddler something to aim at. Just place the target in the bowl, then let him use the other techniques listed above to aim his pee at the target.
  • Teach him how to clean up. Even after using these techniques, messes are bound to happen. To help keep the bathroom clean throughout the day, show him how to wipe up any messes on the toilet and floor after he’s finished going.
  • Don’t forget to wash up. Hand washing should already be a part of his potty training routine, but it’s especially important during this part of the training process. Since he’ll probably be cleaning up pee with his hands after each trip to the bathroom, make sure he’s washing his hands properly each time he goes.

Toilet Targets for Potty Training

One of the best ways for your little boy to practice peeing standing up is to use a target.

On top of giving him a place to aim, targets also make bathroom cleanup a little easier during this potty training stage.

Try one of these toilet targets for potty training to make peeing standing up a little more fun for your boy.


Fly Potty Training Targets

potty training targets

Instead of swatting a fly, now boys can aim for a fly with these fun toilet training targets. Made with durable material, these fly decal potty training targets are made to last, even underwater, for up to a year, so no need to constantly purchase new ones.

Transportation Toilet Targets

If your boy loves things that go vroom, these transportation toilet targets are perfect. He’ll love aiming at the firetruck, race car, and train pictured on each of the flushable disks. And since the targets are biodegradable and sewage safe, you don’t have to worry about damaging your plumbing while your child is using them.

Laser Beam Target

Simply attach this laser beam target to your toilet seat lid to instantly create a reusable target inside the toilet bowl. This motion activated light will light up a bright green target inside the toilet bowl every time your child opens the lid. They can aim at the lighted target as they go to learn to direct their pee inside the potty.

Color Changing Stickers

Help your toddler practice aiming while they pee with a set of color changing stickers. Place the sticker in your child’s potty chair. When they pee on the sticker, it changes color to reveal a dinosaur. Since the stickers are washable and reusable, simply clean the sticker and allow it to dry so your toddler can aim at it again the next time they’re ready to go potty.

Potty Training Targets

Turn potty training into a game with a set of self-adhesive potty training targets. Place the vinyl target sticker inside the toilet bowl to instantly make potty training more fun. Since the sticker will stay in place through flushing and cleaning, it’s a perfect option for continual potty training.

Animal Targets

Featuring pictures of animals on each target, these cute animal themed toilet targets for potty training are a fun way to help your son aim while he pees. The targets feature kid-friendly animals, like tigers, bears, and alligators. And since the targets are sewage safe, you can easily flush them down the toilet when he’s done using them.

Toilet Target Stickers 

While flushable targets are a great option, if you’re looking for something a little less wasteful, try toilet target stickers instead. These waterproof vinyl stickers easy attach to wet surfaces and stay put after each flush. Simply use the sticker applicator tool to attach the sticker to the toilet bowl, then let your boy aim at it every time the pee.

Target Projector

Although paper targets and stickers are both fun options for teaching your boy to pee standing up, there is another option that doesn’t require you to place something inside the toilet bowl. With the help of this motion sensor target projector, your kid will have a target to aim at every time they use the bathroom. All you have to do is attach the projector light to the lid of the toilet. When the toilet is lifted, the light turns on to project a target into the bowl, giving your son a place to aim each time he goes to the bathroom.

Tinkle Targets

With the help of these mom-invented toilet training tinkle targets, your boy will love learning how to stand up to use the potty. And since these targets are made to cover the entire bowl, all you have to do is toss one in to get started. The flushable targets are made to go down the toilet drain, so they’re safe to use for each bathroom visit.

Dinosaur Targets

Teach your child good bathroom habits from the get-go with the help of this dinosaur toilet targets set. In addition to toilet targets, the set also comes with a “steps for peeing” sign to hang in the bathroom and a sticker that goes on the toilet seat to remind him to put the seat up before he starts going. Simply place the targets in the toilet when he’s ready to go. After the toilet is flushed, the targets will disintegrate so they won’t clog your plumbing.

Miracle Potty Training Stickers

Miracle potty training stickers

Just like toilet targets, these potty training stickers are made to encourage kids to aim in the toilet. Just peel and stick them inside your child’s potty seat. Once the stickers get wet, they magically reveal a fund design! Turn potty time into a fun game that kids will want to keep doing again and again!

TeeTee Tabbies Potty Training Bombs

potty training bombs

These are one of the coolest inventions yet when it comes to getting boys to pee in the potty. These potty tab bombs dissolve when they get wet creating a cool fizzing reaction that will get kids excited about going pee every time. Works for girls, too!

Design Your Own Targets

If you can’t find a target your kid will be interested in, why not make your own? With the help of these design your own targets, you can draw or write your own designs for your kids to use. He can even use the markers to decorate the targets himself! And since these sewage-safe targets are made from potato starch and vegetable oil, they’re safe to flush when your kid is finished using them.

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